BondWave has been at the forefront of fixed income technology, introducing solutions to increase transparency, improve data and enhance market intelligence.

Our Partnership with BondWave

This partnership offers:

▸ A channel for Bondwave’s market leading technology to reach IPC’s user community

▸ A combined advantage giving the financial community access to our next gen APP framework capabilities

▸ Delivered at a low total cost of ownership

▸ Extends IPC’s footprint whilst adding value to IQ/MAX Touch financial terminal

IPC’s integration of the BondWave Pre-Trade Price Discovery Tool automates the thought process of a trader by surveilling today’s market activity instantaneously.

The BondWave Calculator, as offered on the IPC Unigy Turret, offers market professionals the ability to determine, on a pre-trade basis, the Fair Market Value of a bond, while also surfacing additional benchmarks across the regulatory-prescribed ‘waterfall’.