Winning the award for Cloud Technology in the financial services industry

Winning the award for Cloud Technology in the financial services industry

For IPC, our large and diverse partner ecosystem makes a world of difference. Winning the SBR Technology Excellence award for Cloud Technology earlier this year alongside Beeks reaffirms the value of our partnership and maximizes the best parts of both organisations, giving customers an end-to-end trading solution designed for speed, market access, connectivity and security. By working together, we have provided the financial markets with one of the industry’s foremost managed infrastructure offerings.

The joint proposition between IPC and Beeks, delivering Connexus Infrastructure Services, Powered by Beeks, highlights our strong relationship and close working partnership. Our organizations are tightly aligned in terms of strategy and placement, we know where our customers need to be, and we are nimble enough to ensure that we can strategically expand to get them there. The proof is in our success, recognized by Singapore Business Review, who have jointly awarded us an SBR Tech Excellence Award.

IPC and the Asian markets

Our relationship with the Asian market is particularly important due to the widespread geographic reach of key capital markets across the region: a firm must be active to truly compete and offer the best liquidity options to their customers, and in order do to that they must be close to everyone. If a firm considers managing its infrastructure by itself, the expenses can add up quickly as rack space, power, hardware, connectivity and local staff cut into tight margins. By partnering with experts in their respective fields, IPC in global financial ecosystems and multi-asset class connectivity and Beeks in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a firm can achieve its goals across major Asian markets at a cost that won’t make their procurement team’s heads spin.

Take the recent expansion of the Connexus Infrastructure Services, Powered by Beeks platform in Hong Kong, where we have grown from supporting just HK1 into the HKEX colo facility. We are providing market participants with a competitive edge with our managed infrastructure solutions while offering colocation with HKEX. Anchoring our long-term commitment in the region and providing a faster, more flexible market access and cost-effective solution allows IPC to deliver the processing power and low latency connectivity needed to effectively trade the markets. IPC recognises the need to interconnect global financial centres in order to expand a firm’s access to liquidity, and we do it with end-to-end service level consistency and local support in multiple languages.

We believe we can maintain relevance in a two-pronged manner: firstly, IPC has a track record of building long lasting relationships; secondly, we are a technology company with a strong R&D focus. A key pillar of our product development approach is our “API First” strategy, which allows us to move swiftly into new areas and create quick and tight couplings with our partners for end-to-end solution development. In addition, we are always asking the question: will this solution have broader relevance? For example, Connexus Infrastructure Services, Powered by Beeks allows customers to have real-time data processing very close to a target end point (in this case a trading venue), but if you step back, what you’ll see is an edge cloud solution that has opportunity and application across a broad spectrum of customer types and use cases.

By strengthening and expanding its strategic partnerships, IPC continues to leverage a successful, proven model, with Beeks now becoming the foundational managed hosting infrastructure service provider for IPC’s Connexus Infrastructure Services, Powered by Beeks. This enhanced joint offering brings into the market an array of sophisticated Beeks’ solutions which includes infrastructure management across physical and virtual compute, firewalls and storage coupled with IPC’s award-winning Connexus Cloud product portfolio.