German Trading Firm Case Study

German Trading Firm Case Study

IPC deploys next-generation unified communications solutions including Connexus Unigy Express®, Unigy Soft Client®, Unigy® Mobile Client and IQ/MAX® Touch to enable high-touch trading for a newly established German global macro trading firm. Providing access to specialist market participants – from any location, on any device and at any time.


A new global macro trading firm based in Germany.


The firm was looking for a solution that could provide comprehensive cloud-based-trading communications features for a specialist group of traders that would also support location mobility.


Connexus Unigy Express, the Unigy Soft Client and IQ/MAX Touch were implemented forten trader positions.

The Unigy Mobile Client was also adopted by two of those users, with the option to widen to more users in the future.

The comprehensive trading solution was built on IPC’s most formidable assets:

    • Large and diverse financial ecosystem
    • Flagship solutions – Unigy and Connexus Cloud
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Innovative capabilities