IPC and Telnorm Upgrade Banco de Bogota’s Trading Floor Technology


Banco de Bogotá, the oldest commercial banking institution in Colombia, wanted to upgrade its trading floor communication technology to provide increased trader functionality and improve the security and reliability of their voice recording capabilities.


Telnorm deployed the latest IQ/Max Touch turrets in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla, along with a specialized disaster recovery plan in the bank’s alternative operations site. Powered by the Unigy platform, Telnorm delivered the two distinct main and secondary site solutions with Voice Recording in 2N. The installation and deployment took place over a weekend to minimize disruption, whilst all integrations with the PBXs and public connections were tested by Telnorm in advance to ensure a smooth transition.


The firm now has successfully:

  • Deployed a new and superior technology with zero impact to their day-to-day operational activities
  • Significantly increased the security and reliability of their voice recording
  • Increased efficiency and execution of their trader’s daily tasks
  • Increased productivity