Excerpts from the IPC x tekVizion Webinar

Excerpts from the IPC x tekVizion Webinar

In Part 1, Bruce Bolcer discusses how the pandemic has shifted trader environment and demands.


Check out Part 2, where Bruce Bolcer outlines how cloud migration is becoming necessary for clients as trends push for cloud-based systems.


Watch part 3 in which Bruce Bolcer elaborates on how IPC partners with firms like tekVizion for transforming trading operations.


In part 1 of Israel Hersh’s points, he explains how automation can lower business costs and increase efficiency.


Here, Israel Hersh discusses how communication systems must be unified, versatile, and always working efficiently.


Lastly, Israel explains how tekVizion’s solutions are easily adaptable for any type of cloud solution.  The solution is engineered to address every type of client requirement.