Accelerating Fixed Income Markets Digitisation

In October 2020 Digital Debt Capital Markets (“DDCM”) formed a partnership with IPC in order to take
advantage of secure, compliant communications and access to a network across global financial markets.
The UK-based techfin’s agoraPlatform digitises the entire lifecycle of a bond from issuance through to final

Communication in the bond markets has not
fundamentally changed for decades and currently involves
the use of multiple channels including voice, email, chat
rooms and the sharing of Word documents, PDF and
Excel spreadsheets. These inefficiencies introduce data
anomalies which take time and money to resolve.

DDCM joined IPC’s Connexus Labs in order to develop, test and
evaluate its agoraSoftware without having to invest in
building the required beta infrastructure and connectivity
for each proof of concept. IPC launched Connexus
Labs in order to support client innovation by providing
connectivity and a secure testing environment at no extra
cost, which helps accelerate time to market.