Connecting Global Markets

Connecting the world for high-speed, high-performance data exchange

Ultra-fast and secure cloud, infrastructure and network solutions connecting markets, industry sectors and business communities, anywhere in the world.

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Connectivity “everyone, everywhere, all at once”

IPC’s industry-agnostic, carrier-neutral, super-flexible cloud connectivity, infrastructure and data management solutions connect the world’s business communities for ultra-high performance data transport and management.

Built to the standards of performance, security and compliance of institutions and firms engaged in high-volume, high-risk financial trading, IPC’s ultra-low latency cloud solutions, global data center footprint and highly flexible Network Services connect all the dots for global business enterprise.

Cloud solutions proportionate to your needs

Connexus offers customized solutions that align with your specific needs, ensuring your cloud strategy is as distinctive as your business. With an expansive network of partnerships with leading cloud service providers, we open doors to the cloud through cutting-edge Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs).


Colocation, colocation, colocation

A data center presence in every major business center in the world offers unmatched colocation opportunities and a comprehensive set of bare metal, hosted and managed service delivery options, reducing the burden and cost of setting up and managing physical infrastructure and connectivity directly..

Collaboration for ‘best-in-class’ service delivery

An ethos and commitment to meeting the global connectivity requirements of businesses across the spectrum of industry sectors and market segments is reinforced through strategic partnerships and collaborations with other carriers, content partners, managed service providers and technology innovators.

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Customers across all sectors and services

IPC’s carrier-neutral global network and comprehensive suite of Network Services benefit all business enterprises seeking fast, secure, high performance data transport connectivity in and across sectors including healthcare, automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing and digital-native industries like gaming.

Our connectivity, infrastructure, network and data transport capabilities touch upon every market and vertical. Recent customer connections include a company that supplies the software used in jukeboxes in restaurants and bars across the US, and a specialist market data analysis firm.

Connecting customers everywhere with everyone for high-speed data exchange