Supporting Your Projects Through IPC Ecosystems

Providing product life cycle management from development to production across any cloud infrastructure for your applications & collaboration projects.

Launching Your innovations

Trader Voice Community

Looking to integrate IPC private wires to your application? Connexus Labs has access to the IPC Connexus Voice API that is connected to both a test private wire voice network and the production Connexus Voice global network.

Software Development Support

Your ultimate goal is to deliver a great product, on time and on budget for your customers or end users. The Connexus Labs development team are here to ensure you achieve your goals and exceed your business expectations for your project. Our team can provide additional support to assist with architecture design, software development, deployment automation and service orchestration.

Connexus Cloud

Connexus Labs has access to the global Connexus MPLS network of +7,000 customer locations, in excess of 550+ cloud providers and 80+ exchange & liquidity venues across 130+ points of presence globally.

Connexus API Gateway

Run development or production versions of the same application simultaneously through the Connexus API Gateway, allowing customers to seamlessly develop, test, and release new versions of the same application all connected to the same API. Connexus API Gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and launch new applications or collaborations at any scale. Enabling applications to access data, business logic, or functionality through your backend systems that can connect to IPC Voice or Data services.


Network Locations


Trading Floors





Technology Partners & Platforms