AFTAs 2021: Best communication infrastructure provider—IPC Systems

IPC wins 'Best Communication Infrastructure Provider' award in 2021 AFTAs.

As the Covid-19 pandemic extended into 2021, it became apparent that some changes made to accommodate remote workers would become permanent, as hybrid in-person/remote work setups are now the norm. End users are demanding more parts of the trading ecosystem be delivered via the cloud and on as-a-service bases, rather than the hard-install olden days.

IPC’s Unigy communications platform has upwards of 110,000 users. This year, IPC launched Agility, which works in concert with the vendor’s Unigy and Connexus. Its aim is to provide a tool for digital transformation in high- and low-touch trading. The tool incorporates multiple state-of-the-art technologies to simplify and optimize the deployment of applications over the IPC trading and communications ecosystem.