An Industry First: Cloud9 and IPC Launch Innovative Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution

NEW YORK – March 4, 2020 – IPC, a leading provider of communications and networking solutions for the financial markets, and Cloud9 Technologies (“Cloud9”), a leader in cloud-based communications, announce today the launch of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). The introduction of this state-of-the-art cloud-based offering for financial firms transforms the industry with a complete turnkey solution for voice trading disaster recovery. DRaaS is a SaaS service that allows traders to have ubiquitous access to a custom-designed virtual trading desk from any global location during an emergency.

“Political unrest, natural disasters, pandemic threats and a litany of other unpredictable events frequently jeopardize the most critical operations of traders,” said Bob Santella, Chief Executive Officer, IPC. “Continuous innovation is in IPC’s DNA and the launch of DRaaS, an industry first, is an example of us pursuing partnerships and constantly solving for some of the most pressing challenges facing financial market participants.”

“DRaaS, developed by our award-winning partnership with IPC, can protect your business’ most vital trading functions during a disaster,” said Gerald Starr, Chief Executive Officer, Cloud9. “DRaaS is transformational for the industry as all market participants can be empowered with a complete disaster recovery plan that requires little or no capital expense or infrastructure investment.”

DRaaS is underpinned by two award-winning solutions – IPC’s Connexus Cloud™ multi-cloud platform, a global ecosystem that interconnects more than 6,600 diverse capital market participants across 750 cities in over 60 countries, and Cloud9’s C9 Trader™ voice communications and analytics platform. DRaaS is agnostic to the customer’s existing voice technology and is designed to work with all trading systems and other endpoints. The annual DRaaS subscription model affords firms the ability to support any number of trading positions for their business contingency requirements through a plan customized for each trader’s configuration.

The DRaaS solution unites the best of IPC and Cloud9 technologies to address an underserved market requirement. Traders have access to the following voice trading features from any location during an emergency:

  • Full featured and customized soft turret interface on the user’s computer/laptop
  • Access to all IPC trader voice services and trading counterparties
  • Full voice recording and trading compliance
  • Outgoing public switched telephone network (PSTN) calling
  • Global intercom between all DRaaS users within the firm
  • Global hoot & holler

Market participants interested in speaking to IPC and Cloud9 subject matter experts about DRaaS can schedule a meeting with us. We also encourage you to learn more at and


About IPC

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About Cloud9 Technologies

Cloud9 Technologies is the leading voice communication and analytics platform designed for the unique needs of the financial markets. Cloud9 developed a solution that harnesses the voice communication talk path for the trading floor of the future – offering more functionality and analytic insight than legacy hardware at a fraction of the cost. Cloud9 connects counterparties across all asset classes via a cloud-based communication platform that eliminates the infrastructure and expense associated with legacy hardware and telecommunication-based solutions, with front-office focused data and transcription, purpose-built for the financial markets. For more information, visit:

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