Developing ecosystems to improve communication and facilitate liquidity

Over the last year or so, we have seen a shift in the way different asset classes’ trade. As banks become more heavily regulated – and with MiFID II now less than a year away – there is an evident lack of liquidity limiting banks in making markets and providing liquidity particularly in the fixed income asset class. As a result, banks now have to hold more capital than they have in the past, which means they are taking on less risk. This translates into banks no longer supplying liquidity like they used to which is impacting how and who the buy-side is trading with.

As buy-side participants increasingly look to trade with other investment managers, there is a need to have reliable connectivity throughout the trade lifecycle and the ability to quickly access a ready-made ecosystem of liquidity venues, counterparties, brokers/dealers, trade lifecycle services and market data.

IPC’s Global Product Marketing Director Ganesh Iyer discusses more in this article, Developing ecosystems to improve communication and facilitate liquidity, published on 8th May 2017 in bobsguide.