Embracing the journey to Cloud technologies

November 18, 2022

by Alex Walker, Global Head of Network Data Sales, IPC - Click here to read the full article

Just a few years ago the idea of virtual trading floors would have been unthinkable. From one challenge to another, financial institutions had to consider the heavy burden of meeting rigorous security, performance, surveillance, conduct and reporting obligations. However, as new cloud technologies emerged, efficient remote trading has become a reality, and post-pandemic there has been a seismic shift in mindsets as to what ‘institutional-grade’ operational and business models should look like.

A recent survey canvassing 500 professional trading practitioners found a relatively even split of respondents favoring integration with a public cloud versus private cloud. Not surprisingly, smaller firms opt for cost-efficient market access and leveraging the economies of scale offered through public cloud infrastructures, while Tier 1 banks and larger financial institutions lean towards private cloud infrastructures with enhanced, stringent, and rigorous performance and security layers.

In our latest blog, Alex Walker, Vice President, Network and Data Sales, explores the pace of adoption of new cloud technologies and the significant impact of digital technology on workplace cultures and structures.