IPC adapts business lines for interoperability push

First published: WatersTechnology / March 2021

Going are the days where capital markets firms expect a trading platform
—and any other platform they deal with, for that matter—to be a closed off system. Instead, banks and asset managers now expect more of
these same systems to interact seamlessly with other systems they deal

While interoperability can mean different things to different people, the
idea is that banks and asset managers want to move towards a more
open ecosystem where different applications can talk to each other.

Speaking on a panel during the recent WatersTechnology Innovation
Exchange, Kim Prado, global head of client insight, banking, and digital
channels technology for RBC Capital Markets, said, “If you’re a platform
out there and you’re listening today, I am begging you to create
components [that are separated] and simplify our ability to interact with

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