Sell-Side Technology Awards 2024: Best sell-side trading communication system — IPC Systems

April 10, 2024

IPC is back in the SST Awards winners’ circle after winning this category in last year’s SST Awards, although this time it is thanks to its OneView Portfolio offering as opposed to its ubiquitous and highly decorated Unigy platform. Key to OneView Portfolio’s success is its tight integration with OpenFin, allowing capital markets professionals to access and exchange information across desktops, platforms and devices. IPC knows a thing or two about how traders think and work and this new addition to the IPC stable will no doubt gain traction quickly as firms look to maximize their traders’ effectiveness, while simultaneously ensuring seamless information flow throughout the organization.

“This prestigious award is very welcomed and an industry acknowledgement both of our longstanding commitment to providing better, smarter and faster solutions to the global financial trading community, and to the continuing enrichment of the user experience in terms of our own industry-leading solutions, and through seamless access to and interoperability with the best third-party applications and platforms available today” – Tim Carmody, executive vice president and CTO, IPC Systems

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