IPC and Celoxica Join Forces to Power Ultra-low Latency Market Connectivity and Pre-trade Risk Management for a Global Investment Bank in Taiwan

August 30, 2023

New York and London, August 30, 2023 – IPC is pleased to announce an industry collaboration that brings together Celoxica’s Market Access Gateway with IPC’s Connexus platform to deliver a hosted, fully managed colocation solution to a Tier 1 Investment Bank in Taiwan, for enhanced Direct Market Access (DMA) and pre-trade risk management.

IPC is providing fully managed hosting services in the CHT data center, underpinned by Connexus Colocation, Connectivity and Chrono services, to deliver more efficient market access to – and lower latency trading in – Taiwanese financial markets. This solution is further enhanced with seamless integration with Celoxica’s Market Access Gateway (MAG) platform that supports trading multiple asset classes, with comprehensive pre-trade risk management and assured ultra-low latency performance, regardless of trading volumes and market volatility. Further, the Investment Bank benefits from cost efficiencies through replacing capital expenditure with an operational expenditure service model.

John Owens, Director of Global Exchange Relationship Management, IPC Systems, said, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Celoxica on a fully managed, ultra-low latency market connectivity and pre-trade risk management trading solution that supports our customer’s speed to market with respect to exchange, broker and client connectivity.”

Ben Tyas, Head of Asia region for Celoxica, commented, “Partnering with IPC allows us to continue building our presence in the Asia Pacific region and offer both local and global customers a fully managed service leveraging our ultra-low latency product suite for market data, trading and risk checks.”

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About Celoxica

At Celoxica we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the trading community we serve which enables us to provide exceptional solutions and services to our clients. We deliver these services globally across three key elements of the systematic trading lifecycle – Market Data, Risk Management, and Order Execution – for the buy and sell side including Hedge Funds, Quantitative Traders, Banks, and Brokers.

Our client use cases, as outlined below, are examples of how we provide these solutions and managed services across three typical deployments. https://celoxica.com/

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