IPC Partners with CryptoStruct to Provide Market Data to the Connexus® Crypto Trading Environment

July 18, 2023

London and Hamburg – July 18, 2023 – IPC Systems, a leading provider of secure, compliant communications and multi-cloud connectivity solutions for global financial markets, and CryptoStruct, a major low latency cryptocurrency market data and trading solution provider, have joined forces to offer enterprise-grade data to IPC’s Connexus® Crypto ecosystem.

Launched in November 2021, Connexus Crypto is IPC’s flagship solution for cryptocurrency trading, supporting complex trading strategies and mitigating risk. Connexus Crypto, a market leading arbitrage enabling solution for cryptocurrency trading, allows market participants to buy and sell cryptocurrency simultaneously in different markets. The solution also provides users with low latency connectivity and instant access to the liquidity of several global crypto exchanges. Connexus Crypto is underpinned by the Connexus Cloud platform, a multi-cloud trading ecosystem connecting more than 7,000 global market participants.

CryptoStruct provides an all-in-one trading solution including highly accurate, normalized, low-latency market data from global crypto exchanges and comprehensive tick histories nano-second time-stamped in colocation for all supported markets. The offering gives customers the option to choose between the whole trading solution or market data only. In both cases, customers will benefit from low-latency access to normalized market data in a single format, making it effortless to integrate and scale their business. The integration with Connexus Crypto gives further choice by enabling customers to receive data not only in the cloud but also via the low-latency backbone infrastructure from IPC with access points all over the world.

With CryptoStruct joining the IPC ecosystem, our customers will now benefit from a suite of low-latency market data feeds, specifically for the crypto asset class. This is an exciting addition and expansion from our recent announcement with Celoxica, which cements our position as collaborating with best-of-breed providers in the low-latency electronic trading arena,Alex Walker, VP Global Network Data Sales, IPC Systems.

We are thrilled to partner with IPC on the delivery of market data to the Connexus Crypto trading environment. Customers will benefit from our sophisticated feed arbitrage which makes our feed not only ultra fast but also highly reliable. Furthermore, with the ability to provide a nano-second time-stamped full depth tick-history, traders and quants will find it very easy to analyze and back-test their trading ideas,Iain Clarke, Head of Sales, CryptoStruct.

About IPC

A specialist technology and service leader powering global financial markets for over 50 years, IPC Systems is at the forefront of electronic trading connectivity and state-of-the-art cloud communications, setting the standard for exceptional service, innovation, and expertise.

IPC’s customer-first approach is bolstered by an extensive and diverse financial ecosystem that spans all asset classes and connects market participants anywhere in the world for enhanced communication, collaboration, and compliance. Global services include electronic trading, trading communications, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions.

IPC is ideally positioned to anticipate change and remain aligned with rapidly transforming markets, and to empower customers to adapt to change, now and in the future.  To learn more, visit www.ipc.com, explore our Insights page and follow us on LinkedIn.

About CryptoStruct

CryptoStruct is the go-to solution for algorithmic trading in the vibrant world of crypto markets, committed to delivering a smoother, more reliable trading experience.

Established in 2019, CryptoStruct provides its customers with a cutting-edge yet user-friendly strategy development kit and trading runtime. This system empowers trading firms to devise and implement their unique trading strategies within an event-driven framework. As a result, CryptoStruct’s clients can seamlessly expand their trading strategies across various exchanges using this robust and fast system. The key advantage of CryptoStruct’s offering is that it enables trading firms to concentrate on their primary objective: crafting profitable trading strategies.

Additionally, CryptoStruct provides highly accurate, normalized, low-latency market data co-located next to the exchanges. Moreover, comprehensive tick histories are available for all supported markets. To learn more about us, please visit www.cryptostruct.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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