Waters Rankings 2023: Best trading floor communication system provider — IPC Systems

IPC’s Unigy platform is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based unified communications and applications platform providing users with compliance, security, and control. It addresses an increasing trend accelerated by the global pandemic, for secure, efficient, and compliant remote access to trading environments, and specifically for unified communications solutions that facilitate efficient and secure communication in and across multiple channels.

“It is a great achievement to have once again won the best trading floor communication system provider category. It’s also a resounding endorsement of our Unigy platform and our success supporting the evolving communications needs of financial markets trading participants. It recognizes the focus and endeavor of our global team in delivering consistent service excellence and technological innovation to our valued customers.” Bob Santella, CEO, IPC Systems.

About IPC

A specialist technology and service leader powering global financial markets for over 50 years, IPC Systems is at the forefront of electronic trading connectivity and state-of-the-art cloud communications, setting the standard for exceptional service, innovation, and expertise.

IPC’s customer-first approach is bolstered by an extensive and diverse financial ecosystem that spans all asset classes and connects market participants anywhere in the world for enhanced communication, collaboration, and compliance. Global services include electronic trading, trading communications, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions.

IPC is ideally positioned to anticipate change and remain aligned with rapidly transforming markets, and to empower customers to adapt to change, now and in the future.  To learn more, visit www.ipc.com, explore our Insights page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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