Connexus Broadcast Feed

Newsquawk’s expert analysts filter news from hundreds of traditional media outlets as well as all social media platforms, only broadcasting news likely to impact asset prices. Traders around the world trust Newsquawk to monitor news knowing that all they need to do is listen to the squawk service or read the headline feed to find new trading opportunities and better manage risk.

Our Partnership with Newsquawk

Integrated into IPC’s world class financial markets Connexus® Cloud, Connexus Broadcast leverages Newsquawk’s team of analysts that use proprietary smart search technology to monitor and report data and news from hundreds of mainstream and social media sources. These filtered audio market data feeds are readily available as a real-time stream to any of the over 7,000 financial market participants in IPC’s diverse global ecosystem. Connexus Broadcast is delivered via IPC’s Connexus Voice, a leading platform-agnostic voice trading ecosystem and available to over 200,000 professional traders.