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Enabling your Risk Mitigation Plan

Emergencies such as pandemics, political uncertainty, civil unrest and natural disasters can impact your organization’s trading operations. The original protections afforded via secondary sites or disaster recovery locations are no longer enough to keep your organization and resources safe.

Given today’s global micro and macro environments and unpredictable dynamics, the need to be flexible, mobile and secure are paramount. EVS as a Service (EVSaaS) empowers your business to be prepared. Voice platform and technology agnostic with TDM to SIP bridging and call routing done in IPC’s award winning Connexus Cloud. IPC’s EVSaaS provides an elastic, durable and cost-effective BCP solution for private wires.

During an emergency, EVSaaS is always on and available. Your voice trading team can operate at pre-established BCP locations or leverage our Cloud9 partnership and trade anywhere the internet is available.

This is the power of IPC’s EVSaaS solution. Reduce your market risk exposure with EVSaaS.

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