‘Top 100’ – IDC Financial Insights Fintech Rankings 2016


NEW YORK, September 8, 2016 – IPC, a leading global financial markets technology and service provider, today announced the company is ranked number 33 on the 2016 IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings Top 100. 

“The IDC ranking recognizes the technological transformation IPC is enabling within the industry through our cloud strategy and the products and partnerships we are developing,” said Neil Barua, Chief Executive Officer, IPC. “We are committed to providing our customers with solutions which address their most pressing business needs and help them to maintain their competitive edge.” 

The annual IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings has become an important measure of the health and direction of technology in the industry and the emergence of innovative solutions from new players. In addition, the IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings serve as a critical tool for financial services institutions to use during strategic planning and to review whenever they consider new investments in 3rd party solutions.