Connexus® Hub

Low latency connectivity with a global footprint

IPC’s operationally resilient managed network services provide access to an ecosystem of diverse counterparties that has become the backbone for successful trading.

IPC’s Connexus® Hub is design to offer investors:

  • Easier and faster connectivity to brokers/dealers, investment banks, prime brokers, and liquidity providers to trade effectively, achieve best execution, discover prices and minimize market impact.
  • Efficient access to market data and trade lifecycle services such as order management and execution management systems as well as data and transaction cost analysis services.
  • Improved collaboration among traders, portfolio managers and risk managers to execute investment strategies and manage risk.
  • Access to a full community of services and simplified management.
  • Comprehensive and affordable business continuity management, disaster recovery planning solutions to ensure 24/7 access to the financial markets that is underpinned by an industry leading global provider with exclusive focus on financial markets.

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