Celia Dunleavy and Adam Toms – IPC x OpenFin

July 10, 2023

Celia Dunleavy, Vice President Communications Sales, EMEA at IPC Systems, Inc., and Adam Toms, CEO of OpenFin, offer valuable insights into the collaborative partnership between IPC and OpenFin, highlighting the strategic advantages and synergies that drive their successful alliance.

IPC Systems is a renowned provider of robust and compliant communication and networking solutions tailored to the specific needs of the global financial industry. Their cutting-edge technology facilitates seamless connectivity and collaboration, empowering financial market participants worldwide.

OpenFin is a prominent provider of operating systems designed specifically for financial desktops. Their secure and interoperable platforms facilitate swift development and deployment of cutting-edge financial applications, enhancing user experience, productivity, and collaboration within the industry.

“With IPC Unigy now running on OpenFin, we can bring the different levels of unification on the desktop together. That means that applications can interoperate with each other in a seamless manner, creating very powerful workflows for the end user. Why is that important? It’s definitely going to make a change to productivity, and it’s also going to lower operational risk.” – Adam Toms

“Voice is a much better way to communicate sentiment and to get to a deeper level of analysis … Voice on the trading floor is important – particularly for complex products. During the pandemic, we saw that a lot of voice communities got torn down by big changes in where people were trading from and which platforms they were using to communicate with each other. We see that rebuilding those ecosystems, those communities and those relationships is going to be very important over the next few years.” – Celia Dunleavy

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