IPC and HFN Collaboration Expands Capabilities Across Both Networks

Paramus, NJ – March 21, 2017 – Hudson Fiber Network (“HFN”) and IPC today announced an agreement to expand their collaboration. The engagement enables IPC to increase its network reach and cost efficiency for HFN’s high bandwidth low latency network services, while strengthening HFN’s portfolio with IPC’s portfolio to custom design connectivity solutions for their customers.

The announcement follows HFN’s recent launch of its national Wide Area Network with live service across 16 markets in the top US business centers. HFN, a premier data transport provider offering high-bandwidth, low-latency networking solutions for financial, content, carrier and enterprise customers, continues to serve a broad clientele of key financial institutions in the New York/New Jersey area.

IPC, a leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community, recently purchased additional circuits from HFN in order to reinforce its backbone and expand the collaboration by delivering HFN white label solutions, including MPLS/MVPN and market data services that enable HFN to solidify its “Smart Grid” strategy.

“Our partnership with IPC continues to expand. Access to our nationwide network enables IPC to tap into the latest fiber solutions in the market and to respond to fast deployment requirements of their customers throughout North America,” explains HFN COO Keith Muller. “In turn, HFN leverages the IPC product suite to enhance its solutions platform. The collaboration allows both companies to deliver a rather unequaled offering in the financial markets community.”

“HFN is one of the strategic partners of choice for IPC. We focus on delivering fully managed global voice and data network solutions to the financial services industry, and HFN’s deep roots working with financial institutions is an invaluable asset in delivering our solutions to a broader base of customers,” adds David Brown, SVP, Managing Director Network Services at IPC Systems, Inc.

Muller noted that the collaboration with IPC demonstrates how companies can expand on the HFN fiber footprint nationally and expand its “Smart Grid” environment throughout the US.


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Hudson Fiber Network (HFN) is the premier data transport provider, offering flexible networking solutions for financial, content, carrier and enterprise clients. HFN fully owns and operates the HFN Northeast Network connecting over 90 locations of the busiest traffic hubs in New York and New Jersey and onto its national WAN spanning the top 16 markets in the US. The HFN suite of purpose-built solutions enables clients with increased network efficiency and lower overall networking expenditures.

Services include Gigabit Ethernet, optical wave solutions and IP connectivity (10 MB through 100 Gig), and are delivered in and between key U.S. and global metropolitan markets.

HFN was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey.

For more information, please visit www.hudsonfiber.com or contact us at 1-888-HFN-4573 or www.hudsonfiber.com