Connexus® Chrono Solution Sheet

Synchronize your time across the world’s financial market cities

The Need for Synchronized Time

The regulatory environment has become more stringent.

The need for pre- and posttrade transparency grows with each passing year. The need for synchronized time has been well-documented within the industry. Anyone who trades in the United States or European Union needs reliable, synchronized clock feeds to connect to their trading applications and order management systems. Anyone participating in voice trading needs their T1’s/E1’s to be reliably clocked to avoid degraded service and needs their Voice Recording and Call Detail Reporting Systems to be synchronized. You need to collaborate with someone you can trust to deliver a dependable and secure service to satisfy the transparency needs of your Compliance team.

Connexus Chrono utilizes atomic clocks and is synchronized to UTC, ensuring that Connexus Chrono provides the same time to you across the globe.