IPC and Emagine

Magnify your compliance solution with IPC’s Connexus® Chrono and emagine’s Time Suite Explorer

Complementary solutions, working in conjunction:

Connexus Chrono, IPC’s global synchronized Time-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution, is designed with your compliance in mind. Delivering PTP feeds with accuracy as low as 1 microsecond into nearly 50 global colocation centers in key financial market cities, IPC is uniquely positioned to help your global operations achieve MiFID II or CAT NMS compliance.

Time Suite Explorer (“TsEX”) from emagine, a SaaS-based solution, brings traceable real time and historical monitoring across your entire IT infrastructure down to server level (Unix/Windows,
on-prem, virtual machines and cloud).

“TsEX”’s web UI (Grafana) allows you to monitor Accuracy, Granularity and Traceability from the time source to the application to evidence compliance including based on reportable events for regulators and your internal risk/audit teams.

By using IPC’s Connexus Chrono and emagine’s “TsEX” together, you get world-class compliance and a risk-mitigation package all wrapped up in one.