Ahead of MiFID II:

Confidently Capture Skype for Business Communications

Ahead of MiFID II: Confidently Capture Skype for Business Communications

by Chard Johnston, Product Manager, IPC

Two months of 2017 have just about disappeared, putting the deadline for implementing MiFID II regulations that much closer. The year-long extension that many financial firms were happy to receive to meet European compliance requirements will be gobbled up quickly. And with MiFID II will come further need to capture, catalogue, archive and analyze the communications of all “regulated users.” Regulated users means much more than just traders. Communications means much more than voice conversations. What’s the solution?

Financial firms need to be compliant. So capital market participants continue to search for technology solutions to help them comply. At the same time, their employees need to collaborate. Never has the need for exchanging information with colleagues and counterparties been greater.

The integrated information governance solution provided by IPC is making the marriage of collaboration and compliance easier to achieve – especially for those firms with Skype for Business™. More and more companies have turned to Skype for Business to help them standardize their unified communications and connect their employees around the world.

Compliance for Multiple Media Sources

Customers who use Skype for Business can now select a compliance solution that captures and records instant messaging, voice, video, application and file sharing communication across all certified Skype for Business devices.

The ability to capture, archive and analyze various types of communications media via a truly integrated information governance solution will be a competitive advantage for financial service firms seeking to deal with regulatory requirements efficiently. All of this can be delivered to financial firms that are using Skype for Business in a single unified system that is easy-to-use, quick to search and accessible anywhere at any time. And such solutions can be deployed either on premise, or in the cloud.

Such new options for Skype for Business users can be implemented now and easily scaled up as needed, which helps firms be ready for the future, as well as today. And, with a centrally managed solution for all types of communications, compliance capture, reporting and allocation of resources needed to ensure your company is compliant can all be simplified.

Adoption of the latest collaboration techniques and technologies with integrated compliance capabilities in all regulated industries will certainly help accelerate a smooth transition from a pre- to post-MiFID II world.