Connecting the Global Financial Markets

Connecting the Global Financial Markets

By Ganesh Iyer, Vice President Global Marketing, IPC

This article appeared in the CREDIT CONTROL JOURNAL and ASSET & RISK REVIEW

Ganesh Iyer is Vice President of Global Marketing at IPC. Ganesh heads the team that is responsible for spearheading global marketing initiatives, building brand awareness and growing the business. He has been widely quoted in the press regarding various aspects of the financial markets and has been featured in a number of publications including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and CIO Review magazine. He has also been a speaker, panelist and delegate at over 50 industry events in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

In an in-depth analysis that was recently published in Credit Control Journal, Ganesh Iyer, IPC’s Vice President of Global Marketing, explains the value of a multi-cloud enablement platform that powers a vast and diverse ecosystem of global financial market participants. Credit Control Journal is one of the world’s leading research journals dedicated to the advancement of asset risk management, credit analysis and corporate risk.

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