Consolidate, Collaborate, Manage Risks

What TradeTech Europe Attendees Want

Consolidate, Collaborate, Manage Risks – What TradeTech Europe Attendees Want

Like most technology events aimed at our industry, there was a little bit of everything at the recent TradeTech Europe conference. While returning home, I started to process all that I had listened to and observed to better understand what’s most important for companies that rely on trading communications for their success. Three things seem to stand out for the year ahead:

Technology Consolidation – as many firms face “end-of-life” issues for their legacy systems, they are looking at the situation as an opportunity to consolidate infrastructure components with a single provider. When approaching a technology refresh, they hope to reduce the number of vendors and contracts as well as integration and maintenance issues that they have to deal with. They want to find one provider with both expertise in capital markets and innovative offerings across all aspects of trading communications to simplify their systems and improve return on investment.

Collaboration Tools – with the increase in regulatory requirements as well as the ever-growing complexity of global trading, increased collaboration has become essential. This is driving a much greater interest in devices, apps and connectivity that enable the conversations that need to take place to execute sophisticated trading strategies. As a result, Managed VPNs, IPC’s Unigy Pulse and applications that enhance trader mobility and productivity are becoming an important part of communications technologies required for effective operations and compliance.

Risk Mitigation through Managed Services – there is, without a doubt, a growing interest in and acceptance of using managed services to help companies mitigate risks. This includes learning about how the latest innovations in managed network services and trading communications are shaping both the European equities trading landscape and the execution of cross asset class strategies. With greater access to both liquidity venues and market data imperative for success, connectivity is critical. A Managed Network-as-a-Service offering helps solve this need while at the same time leaving firms free to focus on their core business instead of spending time managing infrastructure.

TradeTech Europe was an enriching experience. As I arrived home it was easy to conclude that investments in new technologies and managed services are ever-more essential to keep trading firms competitive in today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment and expanding number of emerging markets. At IPC, I believe we are well positioned to address these needs with innovative, cost-effective solutions.