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IPC Expands R&D Data Center To Help Firms Test Unigy

The recently completed renovation now accommodates a total of 1000 physical turrets and has the capacity to simulate thousands more.

It has more turrets than all but a handful of the world’s largest trading floors. It is supported by the most advanced technology available using nearly 19 miles of high-speed cable to link all its components. And it allows the world’s biggest banks to have the utmost confidence in the performance and reliability of their own trading communications technology.

“It” is the newly created IPC Research and Development (R&D) Data Center in Fairfield, CT, USA. The recently completed renovation now accommodates a total of 1000 physical turrets and has the capacity to simulate thousands more.

With Unigy’s development, R&D has raised the bar on quality to levels never seen before. The requirements for Unigy’s performance testing dictated a strong investment in physical scale. IPC made a significant investment to meet the needs of our market. It was also clear to us that our larger customers will require “Witness Testing” of our products and will want to see performance capabilities and recovery from errors in a real-life environment. While we are able to simulate thousands of turrets in a virtual environment, it is critical to demonstrate performance tests with a significant number of physical turrets. Now we can do that.

The key value of the expansion is that we can now use the infrastructure to not only test large systems, but can create multiple Unigy Systems of varying sizes by allocating the turrets on an as-needed basis to exactly mimic your trading and infrastructure environment. Just as important, we can create network infrastructures that match yours. For example, for one of our largest customers we reproduced their network in our R&D Data Center to exactly match their Production Data Centers.

Our new Data Center can now accommodate a maximum of 28 server cabinets including seven server cabinets with UPS/Generator power backup and seven Alliance cabinets with up to 28 TU’s. This configuration can handle up to 980 Unigy Servers and 1,000 IQ/MAX turrets with up to 192 Edge or Pulse devices.

We’re out to make using IPC solutions for your business as easy as possible. Providing you this ability to simulate your actual environment and experience the advantages first-hand is just part of our ongoing efforts to be your best business partner for trading communications.