Regulation Is Good…

Regulation Is Good…

By Dan Delgado, Sales Engineer, IPC

10 years after the financial crisis the markets continue to evolve in part of the ever increasing and changing landscape of regulation.

Not all regulation is good, not all regulation is bad.  It is however, the reality we all need to operate in.

There is a benefit.

Regulation, at its core, is well-intentioned and designed to address past market failures or challenges although it’s sometimes proven to fall short in anticipating (or predicting for that matter) the problems of the future.

Creativity and innovation is a human characteristic. It’s in our DNA. As water will always find the path of least resistance, we as humans will find a way to circumvent a challenge or take on a problem by creativity.

So why is regulation good and specifically, why is regulation good for business…because, simply, necessity is the mother of all invention.  A catalyst, be it forced, is still a catalyst.  A driver to innovate, to think outside the box, to push the organization into new ways of thinking and problem solving creates opportunity to think in new ways. For IPC, regulation is an opportunity to serve our customers.

There is no place in time or history where moving forward was a not direct result of a need (insert any innovative product, strategy or technology) which didn’t come as a result to address a must or a requirement.

In come the “creative types”

Regulation breaks the status quo and, while it may not be always apparent in the beginning, the industry is better for it.  The disruption taking place today is a direct result of the last financial crisis introducing us to the technological Da Vinci’s and Mozart’s of our time.

Companies which did not exist 10 years ago are making our lives and businesses more efficient and successful via collaboration and ingenuity.  There is a new paradigm where we leverage the experience and expertise of the resources within our company and partners in the industry.

A solutions partnership

At IPC we stand steadfast in our commitment to explore the opportunities brought about as a result of the industry disruptions, but look forward to bringing you our expertise and talent-share making IPC the nexus of connecting you globally to wherever you want to be, via compliant communications tools and services.

At IPC connecting the financial world is what we do.

Reach out to IPC today and see what IPC can do for you.