Synergy for More than Two Decades

Synergy for More than Two Decades

By Sergio Camilo, Vice President of Sales, Wittel

Wittel and IPC leading the Trading Floor market in Brazil

Working together for 24 years, Wittel and IPC have created a synonymous brand of security, robustness and resilience in Latin America. When talking about financial trading desks, the market already associates the technology with the two companies, which currently service 80% of the Trading Floor market in Brazil. This means that we are present in at least eight of the ten largest commercial banks in the country, with a high expectation of expansion into the 20 largest financial institutions in Brazil, in addition to the medium-sized banks and brokerage segment.

Based on mutual respect and commitment to generating results for customers, the partnership is proof that it is possible to generate extraordinary results for customers. Exponential innovation in technology challenges us to grow more and more, with quality and added value.

Our partnership journey has been influenced by the history of the Brazilian stock market. We have lived through 6 generations of technology starting with relay solutions up to our most recent and innovative platform, Unigy, based on IP technology.

Today we have a number of local clients that have become global, and also, global ones that have become local clients. We are committed to working together with IPC and are confident that the next step will be to expand our business to other areas, involving the exploration of intelligent communications networks for the financial industry, compliance management and cloud solutions.

Brazilian financial services companies are continually challenged to overcome the ups and downs in the economy and tasked with improving performance and controlling costs. Wittel and IPC are always looking to help customers with these challenges. We have also combined the IPC portfolio with our exclusive service platform “WE-Tools”, to monitor solutions with the aim of anticipating problems and acting proactively to prevent issues, guaranteeing maximum customer value generation, based on the best use of the technology.

With all these synergies between the two companies, the future is promising and full of opportunities. It is not by chance that we are already making cloud solutions available in other Latin American countries, with the extension of “WE-Tools” to the IPC platform. We are looking forward to continuing to bring quality innovative products to our customers in the CALA region.

8 of the 10 largest banks in Brazil use IPC solutions provided by Wittel.

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