Take Control – By Having a Purpose-Built Network

But getting the best for your firm’s particular needs isn’t easy – unless you’re in control with a purpose-built network.

Naturally, you want the best network for your business. That can require a lot of things. Best connectivity. Best flexibility for growth and change. Best pricing. And, of course, best service to keep everything maintained and running smoothly.

But getting the best for your firm’s particular needs isn’t easy – unless you’re in control with a purpose-built network. And to gain control, consider building a network to specification with help from and the diverse benefits of a managed network provider.

I recently participated in a panel discussion of this topic at the Lightwave Summit where we focused on looking forward to what would serve customers best both today and the future. My fellow panelists and distinguished colleagues agreed that firms should not simply accept the various offerings of a single carrier network. There are just too many pitfalls that cause you to lose control – proving costly in multiple ways.

For example, in today’s financial markets, you probably have some, perhaps even many, global requirements. But oftentimes carriers who have built strong reputations in one part of the world are unable to replicate those capabilities and service levels in other regions. Building out your network with a carrier-agnostic managed network provider gives you the flexibility to contract for connectivity and service with whatever carrier provides the best service for the areas where you need to operate.

Additionally, selecting a single carrier whose network is used for much more than just financial services means you, as the end user, have less control over it when reroutes around problems are required.

Decoupling yourself from a particular carrier provides you and your firm more power in selecting routes and service levels. Perhaps most importantly, it generates a greater ability to grow – for your firm to take advantage of new technologies as they evolve and get more bandwidth as your business expands.

As quickly as capital markets, regulatory requirements and industry innovations are changing, firms should be looking at shorter time horizons – not locking themselves into very long term agreements with a single carrier. There are just too many opportunities today to find something better with emerging, more energized, innovative and experienced managed network players.

Our panelists concur that firms want tight control, and to get it they should begin building out the network they need with a carrier-agnostic managed network provider – and financial network expertise – that gives them the best for all aspects of their business.