#Unigy #Momentum

We created Unigy to be a single, unified communications and applications platform.

Unigy Momentum

In 2006, Jack Dorsey sketched out the idea of using an SMS to communicate with a small group. What started out as a brainstorming session seeded the idea for Twitter – which today has over 500 million users. How does technology go from anonymity to ubiquity? It all comes down to having an innovative technology solution that answers consumers’ needs.

This is the same reason why Unigy has gone from anonymity to ubiquity. We created Unigy to be a single, unified communications and applications platform. It’s designed to power a huge range of devices and apps, increasing your flexibility and profitability. Unigy applies the same ideas about what people want at home, to how they want to trade. Easy. Seamless. Intuitive. Fast. Just like how Twitter is changing the way we communicate, Unigy is changing the way traders communicate and trade.

#Problemsolving: The markets are only getting faster and more global. Margins are getting squeezed. Because a 1 millisecond advantage in trading applications can be worth $100 million a year to a major brokerage firm. IT inefficiency is costing firms $750 billion per year in lost productivity worldwide. Unigy is helping firms improve productivity and bottom line performance, comply with regulations, and reduce TCO.

#HuggingitOut: The word of the day is collaboration. Unigy seamlessly allows you to collaborate with other market participants, customers, middle and back office personnel and compliance. In a 2010 poll, 84% of respondents had already seen the need for increased cross-office collaboration.

#WhereintheWorld: Today, Unigy is installed in more more than half of the top 20 banks in 24 countries around the world. You’ll find Unigy’s advanced tech in nearly 14,000 positions in the front, middle and back office, enabling firms to compete effectively and comply with regulations.

#ConstantAccess: Traders need the flexibility to do business anywhere, anytime. In the event of a disaster, they need to be able to work remotely. Unigy enables this.

#Regulation: Unigy is helping firms comply with the many new global regulatory mandates and reduce operational risk. For example, trades have to be archived and recorded, pre- and post-trade risk needs to be checked, and data communications need to be monitored for potential irregularities and misconduct. Unigy can do this!

#TraderFail: Communications downtime is costly and won’t be tolerated; traders only notice this technology when it’s not working. The built-in Unigy Management System allows rapid changes enabling you to meet new security, regulatory or other business needs such as controlling access and permissions.

#TCO: Firms are looking to improve their Return on Equity and control costs across the board and are willing to invest to secure those savings. Firms must adopt new technology to save space, consolidate real-estate footprints, simplify infrastructure, reduce power consumption and ultimately save money. There is an incredible amount of savings capacity that can be realized through investment.

We’re celebrating the incredible success of Unigy. And we’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come. But this isn’t the end as we never rest on our laurels. To us, Unigy is all about #momentum #discovery #progress. What about you? Tell us what you think.