Deployment of Unigy® Mission Critical System for Leading Investment Bank With tekVizion Automation Solution


Ensure the bank could deliver new efficiencies, unlock value, reduce costs,
and accelerate the deployment of new and upgraded software to the trading floor through automation.


An ROI analysis concluded that a third-party automation system should be deployed, and the bank selected tekVizion Automation – the test automation solution for trading systems – delivered by IPC in partnership with tekVizion. The project delivery was underpinned by first-class collaboration to meet the
specific challenges faced by the bank.

Customer Benefits

The bank now has successfully:

  • Significantly accelerated the time to deploy mission critical
    system changes, more reliably and frequently
  • Increased testing coverage and automated stringent
    software certification, testing and deployment processes
  • Simplified and streamlined the end-to-end platform control
    and oversight lifecycle