Proprietary Trading Firm Utilizes Connexus WAN and SD-WAN


The firm’s expansion strategy raised the question as to whether it continued to build out this network – by sourcing and integrating additional links from local or regional providers – or look for a better solution.


The firm took the decision to bring in a fully managed network solution and selected the IPC Connexus WAN and Connexus SD-WAN solutions. Connexus WAN and Connexus SD-WAN combine several technologies to create secure
networks, with additional flexibility and reach provided by the customer’s own global internet connectivity. Delivering a seamless “plug and play” experience, Connexus WAN provides reliable, secure and resilient connectivity to the office, while Connexus SD-WAN enables their home-based users.


The firm now has successfully:

  • Implemented a holistic approach to connectivity
  • Increased freedom and agility to scale their operations globally
  • Reduced latency when they are in proximity to,
    or co-located with, the matching engine of a liquidity venue
  • Added access to a vast established ecosystem of liquidity venues and trading counterparties