“White Glove Treatment” in Transition to IPC’s Touch for major insurance firm

“White Glove Treatment” in Transition to IPC’s Touch for major insurance firm

“When we moved to our new building and were ready to install the new IQ/MAX Touch communications devices, everything went very smoothly. IPC had the right people here and partnered well with our other suppliers.” – Vice President, Infrastructure Technology, Major International Insurance Company 

Quick Facts


A global leader in the insurance industry with offices in nearly 50 countries, the firm offers life, accident and health insurance, as well as retirement and savings products to protect and benefit its customers. The company is recognized and trusted by approximately 100 million customers worldwide and serves 95 of the top 100 FORTUNE 500® companies in the United States.


This long-time IPC® customer was moving to its new ultra modern and advanced technology global headquarters, which allowed for an upgrade of both its trading communications platform from Alliance to Unigy® as well as installation of IPC’s newest communication device – IQ/MAX® Touch – for its more than 60 traders.


The insurance firm was extremely pleased with the ease of working with IPC when implementing its Unigy platform and the hands-on demo and training its traders received before transitioning to the IQ/MAX Touch devices. Its traders agree that, overall, everything is better and easier to use. IQ/MAX Touch’s “Favorites” and “Activity Monitor” are among the most well-liked and time-saving features of the new system.

Customer Benefits

  • Intuitive – easy to use, easy to conference people into calls; it’s immediate
  • Activity Monitor is useful for seeing all of a trader’s calls
  • Seamless for working on a laptop at home
  • Flexibility of the platform and future expansion


New High-Tech HQ Drives Move to State-of-the-Art Communications Devices

As a worldwide leader in premier insurance and retirement offerings, this growing firm recently moved to a new global headquarters designed and equipped to reflect its “out-in-front” and “state-of-the-art” approach to providing customers the most innovative and advantageous products and services. This attitude extended to its technology infrastructure for the new headquarters and included upgrading its trading communications platform and devices.

As a long-time and highly satisfied IPC customer, the company used its transition to a new facility to also upgrade from its IPC Alliance to IPC’s industry-leading Unigy platform for unified communications and applications. This drove the change and upgrade to IPC’s IQ/MAX Touch communications devices for its traders. The Unigy-powered, software-driven devices provide an intuitive touch screen and tremendous flexibility for customization to each trader’s tasks and workflow.

The transition to IQ/MAX Touch began with demonstration sessions on the device followed by hands-on training in small groups of 10 traders and two IPC trainers. “Each trader had his or her own profile and all were so engaged that we had great attendance and sessions went longer than planned as traders wanted to try out the many new features,” says Shanna McEachern, Customer Relationship Manager, IPC.

“The install went really well. It was a big move and it could not have gone more smoothly,” says the insurance company’s vice president for infrastructure technology. ”The whole team did a great job – white glove treatment.”

Now, after using the IQ/MAX Touch devices for several months, the feedback from traders is extremely positive. Among the many new features and capabilities, Touch’s Activity Monitor, which displays all calls at once, and its Favorites feature for customizing to one’s own needs are the advantages they like most. And they point out that IPC’s customer service support is working out well. The “techs” are great at the Global Operations Support Center (GSOC) for answering any questions.

“Once I got set up and configured, everything was easier to use,” said the firm’s director for equity portfolio management and index strategies. “Easier to conference people in on calls – it’s immediate.”  Another trader noted that he “had tested Touch at home with his laptop and on his mobile device and found it was seamless.”

IPC continues to work closely with the insurance firm and its traders to ensure that questions about how to use and maximize the benefits of IQ/MAX Touch are being addressed and that additional training takes place, if needed.


The global insurance company continues to be a very satisfied IPC customer, working hand-in-hand in the planning, installation, training and ongoing use of and support for its new trading communications system and Unigy-powered IQ/MAX Touch devices for its traders. “The company likes how IQ/MAX Touch reflects the advanced technology approach they have taken to their entire infrastructure and the ease that traders have found in using their individual devices,” says Brian McDonald, Account Representative, IPC. “We have a great relationship with them and will continue working closely to keep it that way.”