Enabling Trading Success in the Cloud

Enabling Trading Success in the Cloud

In the webinar, IPC, Nasdaq, Vela and Celent considered how private and public cloud environments can help financial institutions ‘fail fast’ to quickly iterate and innovate.

They discussed:

  • Enabling rapid access to new markets, data sources and services to validate business cases
  • Roles of ecosystems and marketplaces to advance this strategy
  • Ability to explore emerging technologies and experiment with new ideas without traditional upfront investment
  • Use of hybrid models (on-premise and cloud) to optimize deployment choices


  • Monica Summerville, Head of Capital Markets, Celent
  • Mike Smith, Director of Global Exchange Relations Management, IPC
  • Ollie Cadman, Chief Product Officer, Vela
  • Garrick Stavrovich, Nasdaq

Clive Posselt of The Realization Group moderated the session.