Best Practices – Women in Finance Summit 2018

Best Practices – Women in Finance Summit 2018

by Maria Latorre, Global Head-Channel Management, IPC

IPC recently (Thursday, March 22, 2018) sponsored the Women in Finance Summit in London.

Over 150+ of the attendees were from Financial Services institutions/Regulators/UK Government, with the remaining delegates being from law firms and consulting firms.

This was a critical event for IPC to sponsor and participate in given the large participation from financial firms that have been working on D&I for years, and equally, to interact with our customers in another meaningful way.

The quality of the 8 panels was exceptional as well as the networking opportunities and female role models within the industry.

Marketing supported the event and had many important take-aways. Benjamin Chrnelich, IPC’s CFO, represented IPC on the panel titled “Panel 7 – Aligning your passion with skill – what are the key components to a successful career in the financial services industry?” He talked about his personal experience in corporate America, reflected on being a father of 4 girls and being one of the D&I sponsors at IPC. Attendees were delighted to hear Ben’s experience in the US as most panelists were London based with a few being global participants.

We recognize IPC’s D&I efforts need to continue to evolve and grow by way of increased engagement by IPC employees. This is a critical point both for IPC’s culture and also as an opportunity for employees to learn from peer firms on their D&I efforts. This document will give you my take-away/best practices of each panel so we can eventually implement some of those tactics.