Implementing a SaaS Cloud Strategy: A CIO Priority

Implementing a SaaS Cloud Strategy: A CIO Priority

by Patrick Chambeau, Director of Marketing, IPC

While the financial services industry has traditionally been at the forefront of technological change, until recently it was cautious about embracing the cloud. Questions of trust, quality of providers, certifications, process, and teams dedicated to serve customers contributed to murky cloud adoption. But as CIO roles drastically shift from operating IT to strategic IT alignment with digital transformation and overall business goals of the entire enterprise, moving to the cloud has become a priority.

This whitepaper is a great demonstration of IPC embracing the cloud, and encouraging other firms to follow suit, please read and share it with your customers.

  • A cloud-first strategy means financial market participants can better manage their economics, easily migrate from unnecessarily complex and aging legacy systems, increase mobility and agility, improve operational efficiencies and – most importantly – focus on business outcomes instead of worrying about IT
  • SaaS delivered through a private cloud dedicated to financial services is the best way to address the needs of those working in Financial Markets
  • Using a migration strategy enables customers to migrate their workflows and applications to the cloud seamlessly and effectively

Financial organisations are under growing pressure to have always-on, seamless communications that enable them to conduct business without interruption or delay, wherever they are located. Tighter regulations, emerging markets, and competitive pressures mean they need to work smarter and faster, with minimal overhead. It’s therefore no surprise that financial institutions are embracing cloud-based models for more flexibility and higher value generated to support their digital transformation.


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