The Future Is A Hybrid Cloud

Accelerating Customer Cloud Adoption

The Future Is A Hybrid Cloud

By Robert Coole, Vice President Cloud Technologies, IPC

With cybersecurity being high on any CIO’s agenda, it’s critical that businesses can maximise security but also manage technology in a way that minimises downtime or poor performance and allows them to swiftly deploy technology projects and applications. A hybrid delivery model combines a SaaS-based at a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) application with the primary customer locations connected via a private network to the CSP. This ensures customers have service guarantees and visibility for their primary locations as well as hardened security.

IPC has created Connexus Cloud Connect as a way to extend private network delivery to Cloud Service Providers. This gives our customers more control over the user experience, operational visibility and most importantly, a Service Level Assurance (SLA) for uptime, availability, latency and guaranteed bandwidth.

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