Why IPC is still an Industry Leader 50 Years On!

October 26, 2023

FinTech Focus TV with Tim Carmody, CTO and EVP at IPC Systems, Inc.

Tim delves into his professional journey, emphasising his engineering roots and deep expertise in the financial markets, particularly within the capital markets sector.

We discover that IPC has built its esteemed reputation on the back of its innovative trading turret technology and has notably advanced in areas like network connectivity, electronic trading, crypto services, and ultra-low latency solutions.

Throughout the conversation, they shed light on the critical role of a CTO amidst the rapidly changing financial landscape, the profound impact of technology on capital markets, and the promising horizon of real-time transcription in trading.

Media Contact

Victoria Baillie

IPC Systems

+44 7824 126054 | victoria.baillie@ipc.com