Custodia Technology, headquartered in New York City, leads the way as an independent global expert in financial compliance providing full end-to-end compliance management solutions for both on-premise and cloud environments, in more than 100 countries.


Custodia has partnered with IPC to bring the combined ability of multiple voice recording modalities – Unigy, Microsoft Teams, traditional PBX (Avaya, Cisco, amongst others) and Zoom. With a simple and rapid deployment and a true SaaS commercial model, this centralized recording repository is deployed in a single cloud instance, creating a trustworthy purpose-built, global cloud voice recording platform.

👉  Multi-Modality Minimizes platforms and provides significant cost savings for management
👉   Feature-Rich portal Easy ability for Case Management, Legal Hold and labelling
👉   Options for local Storage Complies with all regulations and company policies
👉  Evergreen Eliminates the costly need for upgrades and patch management
👉   Data Lake Centralized access to 3rd party surveillance systems