IPC Launches Connexus® Crypto

A flagship solution for Cryptocurrency trading

New York - November 1, 2021

IPC, a leading provider of secure, compliant communications and multi-cloud connectivity solutions for the global financial markets, announced today the launch of Connexus Crypto, a market leading arbitrage enabling solution for cryptocurrency trading powered by the industry-leading Connexus Cloud platform.  This unique solution is performance engineered to support complex trading strategies and provides low latency connectivity to global crypto-exchanges, enabling instant access to liquidity.

“Cryptocurrency trading is growing exponentially, and institutional investors seeking alpha are increasingly prioritizing crypto trading.” commented Joseph Pickel, Vice President, Product Strategy, IPC. “Cryptocurrency markets are vital to portfolio diversification and are consequently critical for investment strategies. Today’s announcement emphasizes IPC’s steadfast commitment to enabling market participants to trade successfully in the global cryptocurrency markets with innovative solutions. In particular, we have observed that cryptocurrency arbitrage can be an effective tool for investors seeking low-risk yields.

Connexus Crypto is also an arbitrage accelerating solution that places market participants ahead of the competition by enabling investors to simultaneously buy and sell a cryptocurrency in different markets and take advantage of any price differences. This is possible as Connexus Crypto offers superior reliability and inter-exchange connectivity while mitigating the biggest risk to successfully exploiting arbitrage opportunities – price slippage – due to its low latency characteristics, rapid execution times and market leading reliability.

Connexus Crypto is underpinned by IPC’s flagship multi-cloud platform Connexus Cloud, an ecosystem that interconnects more than 7,000 diverse capital market participants across 750 cities in over 60 countries, all bolstered by market-leading follow-the-sun customer support. The Connexus Cloud portfolio includes Connexus ExtranetConnexus Ethernet and Connexus WAN, as well as Connexus Voice services.