A Message From Bob Santella, Chief Executive Officer

Dear IPC Colleagues,

One week ago, George Floyd died in a senseless act of violence at the hands of police officers. As painful as the video is to watch for all of us, the unjustified killing of Mr. Floyd is particularly painful for people of color as this incident was unfortunately not an isolated case. Though society has made progress in many areas, racism and discrimination are still widespread.

Discrimination has no place at IPC and we all have a responsibility to call it out when we see it. The death of George Floyd, and resulting demonstrations, are not limited to the United States. Racism, injustice and exploitation occur every day in every corner of the world despite the best intentions by many to advance a more equitable and just path.

We call on all leaders to take bold and decisive action to prevent future tragedies and foster a sense of healing and rebirth for our communities. Beyond calling on our leaders to do their part, the more pressing question for me as your CEO is what can we do – all of us, working together – to do our part as a company and collection of communities? IPC employees support a number of terrific organizations in the communities where we work and live – but we can do much more. I have asked Chief Administrative Officer Adam Bozek to solicit feedback from employees on how we can more actively and constructively support actions that have a positive impact on dialogue and direction, and to then report back to me with specific recommendations. Regardless of your background, experience, country or political perspective, I am calling on each of us to step up and do more. These times call for nothing less.         

I hope you and your loved ones continue to stay safe and healthy during this global pandemic. On behalf of the firm, we offer our thoughts and grieve with Mr. Floyd’s family and all those experiencing similar tragedies.


Robert A. Santella
Chief Executive Officer